Sunday, March 28, 2010

Test 1


Your Test 1 is on 5 April 2009, 9.15p.m at Dewan Al Khawarizmi tentatively.

I will update if there are any changes and good luck.

UPDATE: Hints for the Test 1.

1. There will be 4 questions.
2. Answer only 3 questions.
3. Chapter 1 will have 2 questions and the other chapter will have one question each.
4. For Chapter 1 focus on NTM, such as the classification and their processes. Give attention to laser and plasma.
5. For Chapter 2 you must master the ECM and ECG process, also the defects in the process.
6. Chapter 3, please look the definition of prototype and RP. RP group and master one of the process.

I think thats enough from me. Have a nice day and be ready for the test.

Quiz 3


This week you will have your Quiz 3 on Chapter 3 Rapid Prototyping.
As usual you can bring your "legal assistant".
Good luck.

Chapter 3 Rapid Prototyping


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